• «All on light has the price, and something – even cost»
    Ancient Chinese wisdom
  • «Any estimation is a product of cost of a valued and informative outlook appreciating»
    Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788-1860)
  • «Incomes arise only after sale, expenses – after occurrence»
    R.Montgomery, American auditor (1872-1953)
  • «The estimation does not transform lie into true and true in lie. The estimation is a choice between useful and harmful»
    Mo Tzu, Chinese philosopher (ca. 470 BCE–ca. 391 BCE)
  • «The price is cost plus reasonable compensation for a remorse at a price quotation»
    Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, American writer (1842-1913)
  • «Who is skilful in changes to that the chaos is not terrible»
    Ancient Chinese wisdom
  • «You cannot operate that cannot estimate»
    William Hewlett, one of founders Hewlett-Packard

Our Services

  • an estimation of business, share holdings, participations of the enterprise in other organisations;
  • drawing up and an estimation of business plans and investment projects;
  • an estimation of industrial complexes;
  • an estimation of real estate, buildings, structures, constructions;
  • an estimation of the ground areas;
  • an estimation of technological lines and the industrial equipment;
  • technical audit;
  • judicial examination;
  •  working out of techniques (methodical recommendations) estimations of various objects of an estimation and other kinds of economic researches.

Estimate the past,

estimate the present,

estimate the future


New requirements to safety of building
On April, 26th this year in «the Russian newspaper» №88 (5167) the Order of the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation from 12/30/2006 of the year №624, registered in Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on April, 15th, 2010, registration №16902 «About the statement of the List of kinds of works on engineering researches, on preparation of the design documentation, on building, reconstruction, major repairs of objects of capital construction which influence safety of objects of capital construction which will come into force since July, 01st, 2010 is published.